We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ GPS!


Did you ever get in a limo or taxi and have the driver ask you for directions to your destination?

Makes you wonder … who’s paying whom? Especially if you have never been to the venue, airport or address before!

Where are we???

Imagine…you arrive at the airport late at night, your company has arranged for a limo service to take you to your hotel. It is one where you have never stayed before. You are tired, it has been a long day – and your driver needs to pull up Google Maps or GPS to get you to your destination? Or, your bridal party heads off to that fabulous destination for the wedding of your dreams! But your driver has no clue where to find that section of the beach! You think, ‘well that’s not acceptable in terms of service!’ And we agree with you…that is definitely not good service. We don’t want our drivers to EVER be unprepared or uncertain of destinations when they pick up our valued clients.

Here to There?

If you have ever had the fortunate experience of travelling to London, you would have experienced the pleasure of hopping into one of the City’s famous black taxis to take you to Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square or perhaps Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guard. Did you know that limo and taxi drivers in London can’t even get licensed without passing what is ‘affectionately’ called “The Knowledge of London”?

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