Planning the Perfect Quinceañera Party in Sarasota


Similar to the American idea of the Sweet Sixteen party, the Quinceañera, also known as Quince Años, is part birthday party, part religious ceremony, and part coming-out party.

Traditionally, it marks the journey to adulthood, and, like many other ethnic festivities and milestone events, can include key elements that may or may not have been “updated” to the 21st century young lady.

Traditions Are Important

According to Wikipedia, “in a traditional Mexican quinceañera, young women and men have roles as formal damas and chambelanes, who perform special bends at the celebration, along with the quinceañera herself. There is also a ‘man of honor’ who accompanies the young woman. Potential suitors present gifts to her family to make up a dowry or bridal wealth. Prior to her being given away, the women of the community participate by instructing the quinceañera in her duties and responsibilities. They urge her to follow the correct path by remaining true to her people and their traditions throughout her life.”

Today’s Quinceañera has created new opportunities for event planners. In fact, the market has grown to the point where there are planners who know how to create just the right event for that special 15-year old, her family, her court and her guests. They also coordinating with her pastoral community in the event the party includes the traditional religious components. You can, of course, plan your own party, and you’ll find a ton of resources on the web to help.

¿Qué tan hermosa es Sarasota? How Beautiful is Sarasota?

With its cultural diversity, Sarasota presents a plethora of venues for the ideal Quinceañera. Choose from traditional to just plain fun, from formal to casual, from expensive to economical. There are a multitude of hotels, on the beach or downtown that provide excellent private rooms and ballrooms for any size party, of course….

But Wait, There’s More…

Why not make your young lady’s night super special with an elegant party at The Ringling? Combining the glitz of Gatsby and the glory of the venue, this one would be hard to top! Or maybe your 15-year old is a bit more down-to-earth? If she would like to commune with nature, how about the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens for a glorious gazebo amidst the Banyon trees? She can also party with the sharks and stingrays at the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium.

But let’s not forget such venerable venues that specialize in Latin cuisine and events. The Columbia Restaurant on St. Armand’s Circle traces its roots and traditions back to 1905! Or flip the flavor with the fabulous Selva Grill, known for its Peruvian cuisine! The possibilities are endless!

Of course, don’t forget you can count on us to be there for you. A limo for the Guest of Honor and her escort – or top notch transportation for the whole family. Whether it is for the party itself, getting your guests to their hotels, or making sure they are picked up in style at the airport… Rest assured we will provide you all with the best, safest, most reliable and most professional transportation in the area. That’s the Blue Ribbon way!

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