What’s Reopening in Tampa Bay

We're open in Tampa Bay and Sarasota

Tom Brady is a Buccaneer!!! When the news broke in March that the famed Quarterback was definitely signing with Tampa Bay, you could FEEL the joy of Floridians as they contemplated how they were going to plan their football season.

That was over four months ago. How life has changed…

Now, with the cancellation of all pre-season games, and the fact that, at least for the foreseeable future, single game tickets will not be sold. Only existing season passholders might have the chance to see him play in a reduced-capacity Raymond James Stadium. And the pain is palpable.

Spectators with mitts and anxious expectations won’t be in the stands to catch flyaway hits either The Rays are going to play to cardboard cutout photos of their fans so they at least don’t see a sea of emptiness in the stadium.

But Wait…

It isn’t ALL bad news! Restaurants in Tampa Bay are now open to serve their patrons – not just as curbside or pickup, either. Although limited and reduced seating are the rule for the time being, you can still dine with your friends and family. Have that night out after being locked at home for so long!

And museums, attractions such as ZooTampa and the Florida Aquarium are all open to visitors, just with entry and safety precautions in place.

If you have ever dreamed of experiencing the thrill of Tigris, Sheikra or Montu, or just talking to a giraffe, Busch Gardens is also welcoming visitors … and they are even bringing Big Bird back to thrill the kids! Just check with any destination to see their COVID-19 safety precautions. And remember normally open attractions and restaurants may now require reservations.

We hope to be able to revisit this subject later on this summer as more opens up for our riders to experience. In the interim, know that whatever you decide to try – be it a Bucs game if you can, or a trip to Busch Gardens or TPA to get out of town to visit family… The safety of our passengers and our reliability in getting them to their destination in time for the kickoff or the appetizer… or the Dramamine before they get on the plane or on Sheikra, are what sets us apart from the rest. At Blue Ribbon all of our passengers are VIPs!

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