What is a Level 2 Background Check and Why You Want Your Driver to Have One

More and more employers today are utilizing background checks for their employees. They improve the quality of candidates and reduce the chance of potential employees lying on their resume or job application.

For most jobs, that’s a credit check and a brief search of statewide employment history, criminal records, and the sex offender registry. That’s what the state of Florida defines as a level one background check.

Taking Safety Seriously

For positions that require a high level of responsibility or trust, dealing with the elderly, children, and other vulnerable groups, the state forces employers to take every precaution.

Here in Florida, limo and taxi drivers, just like police officers and medical professionals, are required to pass a Level 2 Background Check. Potential drivers must submit fingerprints and their records are checked in both state and federal databases. Names and IDs are run through the National and Florida Crime Information Center databases. Then they are verified by the FBI, and checked through the Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry.

If there are warrants or convictions for kidnapping, murder, assault, sexual assault, elder abuse, human trafficking or other similarly heinous crimes, the person cannot be hired for the position.

A Standard of Excellence

Here at Blue Ribbon, we take our riders’ safety very seriously. Long before laws changed, requiring rideshare drivers to pass background checks, we have held our drivers to a far superior standard.

You can feel comfortable placing your trust in our drivers. We only hire drivers that not only pass the Florida Level 2 Background Check, but that we would trust driving our own children, parents and significant others.

You’re going to get a safe, comfortable, clean ride. Our drivers cater to your needs. They always know exactly where to go – not putting you at risk by checking their phone or GPS every few moments.

Are you catching a ride to the airport? Grabbing ‘the Brothers’ for a high class road trip to the alumni football game? Taking the family in style to your Princesa’s Quinceañera? At Blue Ribbon Transportation all our riders are VIP’s.

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